Basic Requirement For Building Backlinks Part 2


Chapter 2: Basic requirement For Building Backlinks

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How to Find High-Quality Links.

Before we start, my friend, to go into depth in explaining the strategies for building backlinks or backlinks step by step

, it’s important to know what makes the link good or bad, in this way you can focus on building links that will improve your rankings in Google and thus there are standards by which you can Identify which backlinks are worth the effort and pay off.

unfortunately, at present, site managers are only interested in bringing Linux from other sites without concern for its quality, believing that backlinks,

no matter what, are the only way to lead Google search results, it is necessary to know the criteria that determine the quality of the link. Here are these basic criteria.

1.The authority of the site:

The quality of the links is determined by the Authority or the credibility of the site you want to put backlinks to your site on

for example placing links on a site such as our marketed site or any other large site will be completely different from placing links on another site without a known name

we know That there is often great difficulty in obtaining these strong links, but believe me, it is worth the effort, and of course, for those who wonder how do I know the authority of any site, there is more than one way, for example, you can use the Ahrefs platform and also there are other free platforms that you can use such as the rich Moz platform About the definition, of course, the higher the site has the authority, the better

2.The authority of the page:

Let’s get more specific in the sense that the more the page, article, or position you want to place your link on is strong and has a high PageRank.

the more this link will have a significant impact on your rankings because the links that come from trusted pages pass more validity to your site besides that they give Google credibility Great for your site.

Of course, my friend, you can easily check the PageRank for any article or any page at any site using the Ahrefs platform again, all you have to do is enter the URL in Ahrefs and check its « URLRating », and as usual,

if the rate is high this is Better for you.Mostly, if the authority for the site is good, then the authority for the pages will be very good as well, but this step is considered a confirmation besides that it enables you to choose the best place on this site to put your link in it, and this is an important feature of course.

3 . Relevancy of the site

When it comes to backlinks or backlinks, the authority of the site is an important thing, and this we talked about in the previous point, but the relevance of this site or the relevancy is also important.

For example, suppose you run a website specializing in e-marketing and you got a strong backlink from a reliable site, but from a site that has no significant connection to your site, does this mean that this link will still be important? According to what was stated by one of the engineers of Google, this is not correct, and according to what the engineer said, obtaining a link from a page that has a high-value authority is a valuable matter of course, but of course, the link to the site and the domain in which he is speaking is required.

Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many people make.

the owner of the site finds that all he is interested in is getting a backlink and does not care where the backlink came from, so this is a big mistake.

4. Place the link on the page

Is your link, my friend, included in the content? Of course, This question Is important and unfortunately many people do not pay attention to this point, although it is very important.

Where a case study was conducted and finally indicated that the position of your link or backlink on the page is very important.

For example, the links hidden away in the footers and sidebars on the page do not equal the value of the links in the middle of the page or the middle of the mentioned content.

5. How to put the link

In addition to taking care of the issue of where your link appears on the page, you must ask yourself: Was this link placed during editing?

What is meant by that? In other words, my friend: Has someone linked your site because they thought your site was awesome?

So, then this is of course an editorial link, or did you create a profile on a random site and put your link in it? This, of course, is not an editorial link.

Of course, as you would expect, Google places more weight on the links placed in the editor instead of the links placed randomly,and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to this point as well.

For reference, according to what Google itself stated, it considers the creation of links that the owner of the site did not put or did not include in writing in the pages of his site, a violation of the company’s guidelines, as it calls them links that are not natural and often harm your site.


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