The best steps for learning the dropshipping


Do you have an online store or store on the Shopify platform or WooCommerce and you are looking to increase your sales and profits?

Are you wondering why are you spending so much money? On your marketing campaigns and then achieve poor sales that barely cover your expenses?

If your answer is yes, then I think you have researched the topic, and you may think that the solution is to increase and diversify the sources of traffic to your store or to improve targeting in your ads on Facebook or the influencers you cooperate with.

This certainly may be a solution to your problem, but it is not the most important and the first. take the best steps for learning the dropshipping

1- How to display the CTA for your site

This technique alone, if I only came out of this article, would suffice for me, this method can be used with any product or service as long as the customer presses a button to move to another stage.

Let me explain to you, simply call to action is the goal that you set for the visitor or customer to make the decision that will benefit you, whether by purchasing the product, subscribing to your mailing list, or even browsing the products of your store.

The best type of CTA with the most results is the interactive text type, which makes the decision-maker feel that he is talking to the store or service site itself.

Apply this method in your store and make sure it is effective yourself, even if the increase in profits is small because it is additional profits that you got with 0% extra effort?

2- Arrange your sitemap correctly

The ease of browsing your site and its display of the most important products is one of the most important signs of trust or branding, which we will talk about in more detail later.

Design the home page of your site

The home page is not as important as the products page, but it is important in instilling the confidence and professionalism of your store in the soul of any visitor.

There are a lot of visitors who browse your site and your products before they decide to buy or not, so you have to provide them with that.

So let me show you some points that you need to follow:

Never use sliders or those images that are displayed on your home page as a slide show. This reduces the importance of the site and the strength of the conversions, as indicated by many sources.

As shown in the image above, display your most important products and offers on the main page or your most important product lists, with a clear and easy main menu at the top.

I will give you some advice later on designing your site with some examples.

3- The method of displaying the product on your site must be professional

The product page is the first page that traffic you send to your store, especially if you depend on paid traffic or social media traffic in general.

This is why the product listing is the most important way for your store, so you have to focus on the following points, which we will then give a practical example:

The name of the product must be distinct and different, do not copy the same name from Aliexpress or from any other source from which you get your products.

and also know that some customers search for the product on various sites such as Amazon and eBay to compare prices.

Product images (of course, there is no need to mention that they must be high-resolution and with a clear background) must describe a case that shows the results of use and the buyer’s feeling after purchasing the product.

For example, if you are selling a cup with a special saying on it, for example (Mug), show a picture of it with a drink and at a work desk. So whoever wants to buy turns himself around and uses the product

It is preferable to use a video also below the pictures that show practical examples of using the product, or some pictures from Instagram for product users to add more reasons and social proof that make the visitor want to buy more and more.

Customer evaluation, many Shopify add-ons enable you to fetch customer reviews from the source (but make sure to configure these plugins so that they display the customer’s name, rating, and comment in English only – or according to the language of the country you’re targeting.

All these important characteristics of a product page increase the customer’s confidence in your store and make you stand out from the crowd.

There are other details you should include in your Shopify or WooCommerce store such as product description and others, which I would have liked to elaborate on a little … Let’s continue!

4- How to write the product description correctly (Product Description)

This part is very, very important for the way products are presented, so I devoted a separate point to it so that I can explain it to you, dear marketer.

Don’t copy the description of the product from where you buy it, and if you will display it the right way, let me explain to you:

First: Do not follow the characteristics of the product, but rather sell the benefit and the results it achieves to its users – and I will explain that to you with an example at the end of this point.

This is why the first thing in your product description is the benefits and nothing else

Second: If there are caveats or important information and useful features of the product, it is mentioned again (for example, printed t-shirts must be mentioned whether they can be cleaned with cold or hot water, to preserve the colors.


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