A comprehensive guide to profit from AdSense Arbitrage and Viral sites


The field of Viral AdSense Arbitrage is one of the best areas for achieving good profits on the Internet in 2021, but what you do not know is that this field is not easy, especially if you start without someone helping and guiding you.

In this article, God willing, we will share with you all the ways and methods that you need to know in the field of viral and “AdSense Arbitrage”, as we have made a comprehensive study and tried everything that will be mentioned in this article to shorten the way for you. In this article, you will find some videos from the biggest experts in the field of AdSense Arbitrage.

What you should know is that the field of Viral AdSense Arbitrage is a sea, so this article will be rather long until we cover all the points that you will need to know.

In summary, I promise you that if you finish this article, you will discover things that you have never heard of, and welcome to the comprehensive guide on the field of « AdSense arbitrage » from the marketer site submission.

1.What is Arbitrage?

Before starting we must be acquainted with some terminology, in case you are adapted to the field, I advise you to go down a little in this article because the points that you will mention are for beginners who have never heard about the field of Arbitrage.

To understand more, I will give you an example: Marketer A bought ads on the Facebook AdSense platform for $ 20 and the result of this ad was 1000 visitors, and after converting this number of visitors to his site, he got $ 5 as profit from Google AdSense for 1,000 visitors.

Therefore, Marketer A is a loser, so you must make adjustments in the advertisement and his article to get profits … and this is what we will share with you today in this comprehensive guide that we will talk about AdSense Arbitrage and Viral because they have a close relationship.

However, let us go to marketer B who applied all our advice, bought an ad on Vibesook Ads for $ 20, but he got 12,000 visitors to his article or website, so the net profit he got from Google AdSense was $ 84, and here he completes the difference between one marketer and another.

The field of arbitrage is not difficult, but in it, you will need patience, experimentation, and someone to guide you systematically so that you do not fall into losses.

2.What is the relationship between Viral and AdSense Arbitrage, and why is Facebook Ads the best traffic source?

We cannot deny that there are traffic resources cheaper than Facebook and better in terms of quality, and the best example is Bing Ads and Google AdWord, where you only pay for a click. But in the field of Traffic Arbitrage or « AdSense arbitrage », Facebook and YouTube remain the best platform for obtaining traffic.

There is one reason why all marketers are racing on Facebook in the “Adsense Arbitrage” field. The reason is viral, yes my friend, you may not have heard about this term, or perhaps you have heard of it, but let me explain to you what viral is and its relationship to Facebook and YouTube.

Viral or viral marketing is a science that is taught in major companies and its purpose is to create an advertisement or topic that spreads virally through topics of a nature that makes the visitor want to share it with whoever knows.

Topics differ from one field to another, so I will not go deep into the types of topics, so I will leave them to you according to your field, but what I want to tell you is that the major companies do not make a successful viral advertisement at first glance, but that comes after many experiences.

Do not worry, as long as you are a member of the marketer. We will share with you a method by which you can get successful topics without wasting your money on experiments.

What are Facebook and YouTube related to viral or viral marketing? There is only one reason, which is the possibility of participating in these platforms. There is also Twitter, but I have never tried it in the field of Arbitrage, so I cannot talk about it.

Well, as soon as you put up an ad on Facebook, and if the topic is verbally verified, you will start to get posts for your ad, and the beautiful thing on Vibe sock and YouTube is that they do not calculate the price of the posts and thus you will get free traffic without having to pay for it.

All you will pay for is the people who saw your ad, which is entitled « Sponsored ». As for the people who viewed your article through the people who participated, you will not pay for them. They see your ad as a regular post and not with the phrase « Sponsored ».

I don’t know if you understood well what I meant, so I’ll give you an example: I made an ad on Facebook to say that the type of ad is paid for every click, “but in Arbitrage, I will share with you a method that does not depend on paying for each click.”

The results are as follows: $ 0.01 for each click with 560 clicks and 321 posts. The price that will be paid in this example is $ 7 with calculating the price of « CPM » or paying for every 1000 impressions.

But the secret that happened is that I got 2,126 clicks through the people who clicked on my post by the people who shared it. “Those 321 people” here complete the secret because Facebook does not charge you for the clicks you normally get and this is what makes it the best source. Traffic for people working in the “Adsense Arbitrage” field.

Good, after we learned that Facebook and YouTube are considered the best source of traffic in the field of Traffic Arbitrage, why do you see Google Adsense being used and that is what makes the field called BadSGood, after we learned that Facebook and YouTube are considered the best source of traffic in the field of Traffic Arbitrage, why do you see Google Adsense being used and that is what makes the field called BadSense Arbitrage?

The answer is very simple because Google pays well unlike other platforms such as « propeller ads », but you can add « Taboola » ads with Adsense in case you work on foreign content.


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