The Best Affiliate Programs in 2021 (part 3)


The Best Affiliate Programs in 2021 (part 3)

Searching for the best programs to promote it is one of the most difficult problems facing any marketer, as everyone is looking for the best offers in terms of conversions and commission value.

1- Mountain Hardwear Affiliate Program :

One of the best affiliate programs in the niche is outdoor activities and sports such as climbing and camping, which is a great niche and the interest in it increases every year. The Mountain Hardwear program features the following:

  • Product variety: a large assortment of clothing and gadgets.
  • Commission Rate: Approximately 10%.
  • Cookie duration: approximately 21 days.
  • Affiliate Network: CJ – Commission Junction.

The outside activities niche is characterized by the fact that the value of profits from it is high because it can easily be done for the customer to buy more products, there are many tools that anyone who carries out such activities needs.

This means more profits for you ???.

2- Petco Affiliate Program :

Pet nits are one of the most profitable niches ever in the internet world, and there is more than one way other than Amazon products to profit from this niche.

Petco is one of the stores dedicated to animals, on which you will find many products (animal clothes – food – food supplements – accessories – toys) and others.

The Petco program features the following:

  •     Product variety: whatever a pet owner is looking for, you’ll find it there.
  •     Commission Rate: Approx 8%.
  •     Cookie duration: approximately 7 days.
  •     Affiliate Network: CJ.

The animal niche is full of profits, and there are many other affiliate programs and great companies in this niche that we can provide a complete guide for.

3- ShawAcademy Affiliate Program :

The Shaw Academy platform is one of the courses and distance education platforms that has increased in popularity in the recent period and has attracted the attention of many marketers.

Initially, on this platform you will find courses and diplomas in many disciplines such as:

  •     Photography and design (which is why this platform is popular and popular with people)
  •     Healthy nutrition   
  •     Marketing
  •     Business and Trade Administration
  •     Music

The beauty of this program is that it works with the CPL system, so you not only get a currency when anyone buys one of these courses, but when he registers for the free trial, so every person new to the platform has the ability to get a free course.

For every e-mail registered with you, you get from 1 to 2 dollars, and anyone who records their payment information, you will get a commission from 6 to 10 dollars.

This program is available on Share A Sale and Rakuten platforms.

I am not hiding that I have been promoting this show for some time and have made very good amounts of it … I do not rule out that you do like me and do better.

4- The TripAdvisor Affiliate Program :

Certainly, you know the giant Trip Advisor website, which is visited by nearly 200 million people every month around the world, as it is one of the strongest sites in the field of travel and tourism.

You can win a lot of money by promoting the various offers on this powerful site that many travelers around the world trust.

What distinguishes the TripAdvisor program is the following:

  •     Variety of offerings: You will find many options that the site offers
  •     Commission rate: 50%
  •     Cookie duration: about 14 days
  •     Affiliate Network: CJ

Your travel niche may take some time to profit from it, because the best way to promote these offers is through various search engines, but it is one of the most profitable areas ever in the field of commission marketing.

5- Binance Affiliate Program :

If you are interested in the field of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and others, then you definitely know this platform for exchanging and trading digital currencies of all kinds.

Digital currencies will not go far, and sooner or later they will dominate the markets, and there are a lot of people interested in this niche, if you are one of them, this is your opportunity.

After registering for the Binance affiliate program, you can win from 20 to 40% of any exchange on this platform, and you also get your commission on time, without any delay.

The special thing is that you get this commission in the same digital currency in which the exchange took place, such as (Bitcoin – BNB – Ethereum) and others.

6- Amazon Affiliate Program :

There is no need to stress the power of the Amazon program, and that you can earn very respectable amounts only from promoting the millions of products on this gigantic site.

Therefore, if you want to rely on this program, I advise you to carefully look at the following image to know the commission rate according to the different types of products.

But as you know that the commission on sales is very low, and this is the case with most physical products (clothes – devices) because whoever manufactures them does not make big profits for himself.

It is up to you in this program, and if you want to start earning from Amazon, I advise you to read “The Complete Guide to Profiting from Amazon Affiliate”, in which you will find everything you need.

7- Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Platform :

Clickbank may be a good place for beginners, you can register for a free account in this giant network with ease, although there are not many programs with a high conversion rate.

That is why I advise you to rely on this tool, which if you click on it, the following image will appear.

The 21 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Your First $ 1000 in 2020

You will find that Clickbank offers are ranked in terms of Gravity, which increases the more this indicates the profitability of the offer and the high conversion rate it has.


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