Top 5 ways to bring visitors to your store


Creating your own store is one of the easiest things in 2018, but getting sales for this store is very difficult, especially if you are a beginner and do not know where to start and how you can start selling your products and making your first profits.

In this article, I will share with you some methods that will help you achieve your goals.

In the beginning, you must define your goal for this store and how much sales you want to get …

  • Do you just want to make some profits through dropshipping and move to another field?
  • Do you want to create a private brand and generate fancy sales?
  • Or do you just want to get to know this field?
  • In the beginning, you must define your goal for this store and how much sales you want to get …

In fact, before starting, you must answer these questions, because they will determine the difference between one marketer and another …

1-Create a blog for your store.

Whether you own a Shopify store or WooCommerce, you should create a “Blog” for this store because creating a blog is the easiest way to get free sales.

For example, let’s say you set up a clothing store and also created an article in your store talking about “The best summer clothes for women in 2018” and each paragraph of this article will talk about a product from your store.

In this way, you will start getting sales from search engines through SEO, or you can simply share this article in groups on Facebook in case you do not have enough capital for ads.

That way, you will not be kicked out of the group because you are only sharing information and not selling anything.

You can also use the forums to obtain traffic.

2-Create ads.

In fact, ads on Facebook or Google are one of the fastest ways to bring sales to your store. By using the ads, you can accurately target people who are interested in your store’s products.

But this method is expensive if you are a beginner and don’t have a good product with good targeting.

I advise you to read this article « How to achieve more than 3000 dollars a month by selling designs » to the other, as it may benefit you if you are interested in attracting sales through ads.

 3-Use the influencers on Instagram and YouTube.

In fact, after the price increase in advertising networks, especially Google AdWord, I started looking for a solution to this problem. If I hear about « influencer marketing », simply this means that it is possible to talk to the owners of channels or accounts in Instagram and convince them to promote your products for a certain amount or part of the profits Therefore, it is recommended that you have an affiliate program such as “Refersion” in your store.

4-Maximize your profits by email marketing.

Perhaps you have previously worked in “Click Bank” or other affiliate companies or affiliate marketing, but your profits are weak to zero and this is due to one thing that you do not have a list that trusts you to market your products to it. We use Facebook Ads, SEO and other methods only for Get the customer’s email.

You will tell me how will I get an email?

The process is very easy. You will create a « Squeeze Page », which is a page whose purpose is to obtain the customer’s email in exchange for a specific thing (book, discount …).

In fact, there are many programs that will help you create “Landing Pages”, but they are very expensive, such as “ClickFunnel” and others. So if you are interested in the field of email marketing, I recommend you to use “GetResponse”.

It is an integrated program that allows you to create “Landing Paes”, send programmed emails, “Automation”, and it is beautiful in which all e-mails are sent directly to “Inbox” the customer.

Its price is very cheap, as it is only at $ 15 to 1000 emails. You can send unlimited emails to your list. You can try it for free for 30 days until you get to know it more: Getresponse 30 days

  • Step- 1: After you choose the post in which you will work, you will create a “Squeeze Page” in which you present a “PDF” for each person who has e-mailed and sent it via “Autoresponder”.
  • Step »2: You will create an advertisement on Facebook targeting your target audience that you want to get an email address.
  • Step’3: You set up a “Sequence”, which is programmed emails that will be sent to the customer after registering them every day or every two days automatically, depending on the period you have chosen, and all of these features will be found in “GetResponse” so do not worry. They are very valuable advice and methods that the customer will not find elsewhere until you discover that you are an expert in the field and also build a relationship with him.
  • Step=4: Sell, well, after gaining his trust, it is time to sell. You do not have to tell him to buy directly, but rather you will return a new “Sequence” with tips, but we will suggest “ClickBank” products as recommendations for him and he will buy them. The customer does not like to sell but he likes to buy. You will be shocked by this amount of sales from the experience that they did not say « Money in the list » out of the blue.

The same thing you can do in the Shopify store, and you can submit it to the store’s « Blog ».

In fact, the easiest thing that you can get sales is through email marketing. Once you have an email address, it will make it easier for you to sell to him again and again, but on the condition that you do not spam your mailing list. Therefore, it is advised to follow these steps.

5- expansion.

The best way to achieve fictional sums is expansion. What I mean by this stage is for people who own products and do not work in the routes shipping, but you can do this process even if you work in shipping, but it is preferable to be the owner of the product. After achieving your first profits and reaping decent capital, it is time to expand on the world.

What I mean by this is let companies and affiliate companies sell your products, you can add your products to eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Wish, Souq. These companies are very huge and have many visits not to mention the affiliate who work in these companies so if you produce or own products why do you leave all the burden You alone, and there are companies that will take charge of everything and achieve numbers for you that you did not dream of achieving, so think again because huge profits do not come with individual work.

 Do not worry, too. We will have a comprehensive guide about these companies and how you can work with them.


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